All of These Women Weigh 154 lbs!
Why are inches more important in fat loss than pounds?

A popular answer is “because muscle weighs more than fat” This is true. But also there are many other things that effect our weight.

Genetics, our build, water retention, menstrual cycles, gas and bloating from even eating healthy foods, digestive issues, there are many things and the average person gains about 3-5lbs throughout the day. You cannot gain 5lbs of fat in one weekend and you cannot lose 5lbs of fat in one weekend. So when you look at the scale going up and down, it really is not accurately monitoring your progress.

Imagine a 200lb bodybuilder male and a 200lb overweight man that are both the same height, both would end up with the same Body Mass Index since that is based solely on weight and height, but one is lean and muscular and the other is flabby and out of shape. So we know we can’t be put in a box.

For myself the last time I weighed, I was in the 145-155 range. When I first lost my 100lbs, I was in the 130’s and did not have much muscle. I was small, but had loose skin and didn’t look healthy. Some were even concerned I was not eating.  So I started weight training and loose skin began to go away and I gained 15lbs. I actually lost a dress size even though I gained that 15lbs.

Good thing I wasn’t judging my progress on the scale. I have a stout body, my middle is short and stout and more of an athletic build and I have a large chest & shoulders, it is my genetics. So why would I torture and hate on myself to change the way God made me? Why would I try to force myself to be a weight the world says is suitable for me when it doesn’t look good or feel good on me?

So the first mindset lesson we have is to get NUMBERS out of our head. Whether it be how much you think you need to weigh or what dress size you think you should be.

And BTW, I have a size 9 jeans and a size 5 jeans, the 5 are loose and the 9 are tight, so relying on sizes isn’t going to always be an indicator either!

Walk by faith, not by what the scale says, not by what the clothes size is, but in faith that each day you are learning and taking steps closer to where you want to be and where is that?

Well the fat loss process goes on forever, so you are going to be headed that way until you die, but when you have come to a place where you are comfortable in your skin, then that is the weight and size you are meant to be.

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