About Us
John and Krista Johnson are the owners of Fit By Faith which was established in October of 2006.   They are the parents of 4 children and have a passion for helping others get in shape from the inside out.

Krista is a walking testimony having lost over 100lbs and has successfully kept it off with the knowledge that getting in shape is not just about the physical, otherwise we would all be in shape. 

During her weight loss, she had a vision of creating Fit By Faith.   She wanted to change the atmosphere of the gym and create a different environment for people to workout in. Many come to Fit By Faith with the thought it is simply a place to exercise, they leave with so much more.  This is why results are permanent and long lasting when members choose to change from the inside out.  From athletes to the very out of shape, children to seniors, everyone finds a training level, a place and most important love and care.  Ask any member and they will tell you how they feel special and cared for by all the staff and instructors at Fit By Faith. 

John and Krista have gained much knowledge from exercise to nutrition, understand how to fix metabolisms and balance hormones, how to exercise for your particular needs and body type.  There is not just one way for each person to get into shape and that is why care is taken to serve each person at Fit By Faith. 

All instructors and trainers are certified by accredited organizations and are required to take continuing education credits and recertify to further their knowledge of fitness.  All staff, including daycare, are required to be certified in CPR/FIRST AID for adults, children and infants and keep it updated.

John and Krista both have hearts to help others to feel good and be healthy and strive everyday to serve more people in this manner.

If you would like to be a part of Fit By Faith and plant seeds towards its future, please consider a donation by clicking below: