Self Pity
Self-pity blinds us of our blessings and the opportunities God has for us. It steals our hope for both today and tomorrow.

When we welcome self pity we are giving up on ourselves. We are allowing our faith to be weakened. We lose hope and we stop expecting better things. We no longer believe that what is impossible with man is more than possible with God. Never stop hoping for and expecting better things.
So in the mist of struggles it is okay to say “yes I may be struggling right now”. Yes I may be going through right now. Nothing in my life seems to want to go right for me during this season. However, I am a child of the Most High who has the power to turn a bad situation into a wonderful testimony.

So instead of falling victim to self pity, pray to Him for strength to get through the test. For there is no testimony without a test and never forget that hard times will only lead to better things.

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