Discovering You Through The Challenge

I learn a lot about a person when I watch them workout, especially when they are in that most challenging moment, going through the fire, I watch how they respond to it. Some stop or quit as soon as they feel discomfort, and usually have an excuse as to why they did. Some push through, but with great complaining and negativity. Some push through in silence and look as if they are about to explode inside. Some push through with joy and victory and some push through to the end, but then beat themselves up after thinking they could have done better.

How these people respond in their most challenging moment of the workout usually depicts how they handle difficult situations and conflict out in the world, outside the gym. I truly believe that "exercise is not all about the physical, because if it was we would all be in shape"(Billy Blanks) You have to stop operating in the flesh at some point in order to get to through the fire, to the end of the challenge. Same goes for dealing with problems in other areas of your life.

As you go through the fire in this challenge, when you get in that moment where you just don't think you can go on, tap into that spirit and push further. Each day, go a little more and a little more and before you know it, you will be pushing through workouts with joy and victory and through life with joy and victory

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