Letting Go

I have been going through a stress detox that requires me to only do 2 workouts a week and walk daily. Through this I have been learning so much. First, I have learned I do not rest and relax well and my rest days have never been truly rest days, I was merely convincing myself I was "resting". When I do truly rest, I feel pain as a result of never truly allowing my body and mind to rest. It is not a good pain, it is compensatory because my body is screaming for rest. I would rather go through the pain of workouts everyday then rest and feel that pain.

This brought me to an even deeper thought. Isn't that how we are with deep internal pain from the past? We would rather ignore it and deal with the pain of keeping it pushed down inside us rather than the pain of recovery? What does it mean to truly rest? Well for me, I know that when I truly rest, become peaceful and calm, I can hear God and become closer to Him. When I am closer to Him, He can gently pull out the pain and help me to recover from it and ultimately be free from it, but that is not a process that many wish to go through, even though WE KNOW that once we do, greater things will be opened for us, greater blessings, and of course freedom from our past. Being able to LET GO and stop hanging on to the junk that is keeping us from recovery and restoration.

In the physical we hold on to weight when we are stressed and lose weight when we let go of the stress. In the spiritual we hold on to the weight of the past and when we let go of it we lose that weight. Works all together. Body, mind and spirit 

I am going to continue to press forward and teach myself to rest, relax and allow my body, mind and soul to recover from the pain, both physical and spiritual and I hope you will too

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