What kind of workout is Metabolic Effect?

30 Minute Full Body Workout
Changes Your Metabolism Towards Fat Burning
Cardio Intervals & Weight Training Combined Through Special Hybrid Movements
No Workout Is Ever The Same

Metabolic Effect (ME) indoor classes are the next generation in the group fitness world. The workouts merge the science of hormonal metabolism with movement drawing from the new fitness genre called metabolic conditioning. Where most workouts focus on aerobics, calorie burning, and exercising to the beat of the music, ME focuses on the full integration of high intensity interval exercise, sports conditioning drills, total body weight training and full fatigue effort.

In these classes you exercise at your own level working until you require rest and then restarting the workout whenever you’re ready. This technique, known as Rest-Based Training (RBT), is a proprietary system developed by Metabolic Effect to generate a workout intensity perfectly suited to the individual. In this way, each participant is able to reach the correct intensity necessary to trigger the fat-calorie after-burn that can last up to TWO DAYS after the workout has ended.

If you are interested in learning more about the science behind these workouts read here https://www.metaboliceffect.com/the-science-of-me-training/

Krista Johnson is a Certified Metabolic Effect Group Indoor Trainer and is also a Metabolic Effect Nutritionist.  Click to order special products and Programs from Metabolic Effect.

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