There is No Starting or Stopping

I had a revelation about dieting and my walk with God.

Dieters have the mindset that when you mess up on a strict rigid plan, then you failed and have to start all over. Like the whole thing was ruined from one mess up. "I will just start over Monday" or in many cases they just quit altogether.
In the fat loss lifestyle, we don't think this way. We understand that there will be slip ups and instead of quitting or starting over, we learn from it, try to figure out what causes it from what we ate last or how we exercised, and then change things with our very next meal, not on Monday.

I was realizing that this is so similar to my walk with God. When I mess up (which is several times a day), do I say, okay, I will start over Monday and revert back to the day I turned 20 years old and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and forget everything I had learned in my walk between age 20 and 45? Of course not, how silly would that be? Then every single day I would be starting over at age 20. So why would you forget all you learned in the process of becoming fit because you had a slip up?

We are never on or off the wagon. We are either operating at a higher or lower percentage, but we are always moving forward, always DOING, and not starting or stopping. So when you slip up, learn from it and change it with your very next MOMENT, not MONDAY.

Change the mind, it will change the body

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