Train & Eat on Saturday Like Your Monday

In the weight loss mindset of thinking, some follow or create these strict training that are so unsustainable, they can only keep them up Monday through Thursday, then Friday through Sunday becomes a free for all binge eating session to compensate for the exercise more, eat less model they tried to follow for 4 days.   Obviously, this type of plan isn't going to get you anywhere except a worn out metabolism and stuck in a rut.

We have to see fat loss as a lifestyle, something with no set date to reach a goal, a journey that never really ends as we spend each day getting better, leaner, healthier.  If we have this strict plan that you believe has to be followed perfectly then you will be on and off diets the rest of your life and continually feel like a failure.  

Eat clean 90% of the time all week long instead of 100% for 4 days and 3 days of Mardi Gras.  Have a little treat each day or every other day to keep you from going into that desperate binge on the weekends.   Don't train so hard for 4 days that you are so drained and tired, you cannot function on the weekend.  Putting your body into that kind of stress will only train your body to hold on to weight.

Train and eat in a way that is not so strict that you cannot sustain it through the weekend.

Fat loss should allow for flexibility so you can live it all week, not just Monday - Thursday! Live it 90% of the time so you can live it all the time

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