Don't Focus On The Destination

I asked our participants in our June Core Challenge what helped them the most? I was so happy to see some of the answers, but especially this one from Doug Allen

"When I first saw the schedule, I honestly did not know how I was going to accomplish that. It shows me that how doing a little more every day goes a long way."

This is how most people react to any challenge in life. It is too big, impossible to accomplish. Many quit right away, limiting and doubting themselves. But Doug got the whole concept that I hoped to teach through this and that is "it shows me how doing a little more every day goes a long way" YES!

We must focus on today! What steps can you do TODAY, no matter how small, to make you better, to help you press through whatever challenge you are facing or choosing to go through? Pretty soon, little steps add up and before you know it, you have conquered it and become better than you ever imagined. And as you go through each day, you learn more about yourself and at the end.

Then I loved this comment by Jennifer Matthews Reeves "That I get to modify it (still get to do it). And know that it was ok if I wAsnt perfect or missed a day. I could start again the next day." You see this is a successful person because she didn't look at the plan and say "Oh that is too hard, I CAN'T do it so I won't even bother" She looked at it and figured out a way TO do it that worked for her situation. Whether it was modifying the moves, the number of reps, etc, she found a way to continue on. She didn't beat herself up by missing a day. This is because she is focusing on day to day progress. If she was focused on the destination, then if she missed a day, she would quit altogether because now she "ruined" the whole challenge. But she didn't, she knew that for whatever reason, she needed to miss that day and she just kept going the next day. Each day she progressed, she conquered.

So my prayer is that those who did the challenge, would grasp these concepts, because when you do, you will never set yourself up to fail again. For those who didn't do the challenge, I pray that this post will encourage you and help you to look differently at your challenges in life!

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