Have you ever gone into a store to purchase a bike and you see the bike you want all put together on display.  You tell the store employee that you want that bike and they tell you they will have it ready for you at the cashier.  When you get to the cashier, you see this flat box with a picture on the front of the bike.  You say to yourself, "NOOOOO, I want the bike that is all put together!  I don't want it all in pieces! You have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to put this all together!"

We all dread those two words "Assembly Required".  The thought of reading directions written for college engineer graduates and looking at the hundreds of pieces just puts a spirit of dread in you.

But that is how our weight loss journey is.  We see that picture on that box, and that is our HOPE.  Our vision, our prize of what we want and inside are all the pieces and instructions and so we have to have FAITH to know that we will figure it out, we will get these pieces together and we know it will take time and HARD WORK and we know it won't be an easy task. 

But once we get that beautiful bicycle all put together, then we can be proud at what we have accomplished, hop on and take the greatest ride of our life.

I think that visual is such a great way to look at this, especially if you have been getting discouraged at not getting instant results!

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