Drawing Strength From The Inside
At Easter time, we observe the death of Jesus and His resurrection & what a beautiful Holiday of hope it is, but there is something else to learn about this time.

Before Jesus was to be nailed to the cross, He was beaten over and over by the Roman soldiers with the flagellum, a whip with leather throngs. This whip usually had pieces of metal and bone attached to it, thus inflecting even more pain and damage on the body. Roman scourging was so severe that victims often died under it. They beat him so much that the soldiers had to take turns resting because they were physically tired. But did Jesus die, No. He had to stand up and then carry his cross for a very long way. Physically, this just isn't possible. There is no way His physical body could handle that type of stress. But you see, He was no longer operating in the physical, He was operating in the spiritual. It was His Spirit, will and mind that enabled Him to continue on to what He was called to do in order to save us all. Through the process, we see how He struggled through the ordeal in His mind by crying out to God, but He made it to the goal.

Wow. Powerful stuff. Seeing what Jesus went through, makes you realize that taking an hour each day to exercise and be uncomfortable and be in discomfort in order to better ourselves and those around us, is nothing.In Tae Bo®, when the first 20 minutes has gone by and you are pooped and don't feel like you can go on or we are holding those power moves and it hurts so bad you just can't take it anymore and want to give up and give in to your flesh, that is when it is time to operate in your Spirit.

When our daughter Andreana was 12 days old, she and I were in an accident and our truck flipped over 3 times in a ditch on a west Texas highway in the middle of the night. The truck was upside down and I was trapped in my seatbelt & Andreana was lying in a broken window unresponsive. Nobody knows how I did it, but I ripped off my seatbelt and kicked open the welded shut door to get to my baby. That was not done with my physical body especially since I was not physically fit at that time!

I want you to be able to draw that strength from within without having a traumatic situation to motivate you. Each time you push through class, each time you hold that power move until the end, your will becomes stronger and you learn to operate in your Spirit, a gift that will not only bless your physical body, but every area of your life!

Have a blessed and happy Easter & put that power on!