Finding Confidence
Do you need more confidence for something specific in your life today?

Confidence is one if the major characteristics that many of us lack and because of it, many of us lose out on so many blessings.  We also greatly effect those around us, especially our kids when they witness our lack of confidence.   Confidence is not arrogance, it is assurance: freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities.  You can tell if someone is confident just by how they talk, their body language, how they enter a room.  Confidence is strength in knowing that God has chosen you and equipped you for everything in life today. It doesn’t matter what you may be facing, you can find confidence in God. When you understand how much God loves you and that He desires to empower you, every obstacle will become smaller and smaller. Know this, for every challenge, God has a solution.

He wants to turn your obstacle into opportunity. I think about how I used to pray for courage, but God has already given us courage, He gives us opportunities to be courageous!   He wants to bring you out stronger than before. He wants to take you to higher places. Your soul can find refuge and shelter in Him. That means, you can rest, even in the midst of the storms of life.  When I would be faced with something big, my first reaction was to "freak out" as my daughter says.  But now, I take in the situation, take a deep breath and remember that my God has equipped me to handle it, that I can rest because I can find refuge in Him and trust that it will all work out.  Sometimes the situation is handled very quickly, other times I must be patient and it doesn't happen until the very last possible second that it needs to happen!  But it always happens and He always takes care of it.

Take a step of faith today and begin to thank Him for working your life. Thank Him for the confidence that He has promised you. Remember, God is at work on your behalf. He will fill your heart with His peace, confidence, and power to move forward into the abundant life He has for you, you just need to open those arms wide and receive it!

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