The Mirror
My dear friend Melanie Neat shared this with me and I thought it was too good to not pass along!

When you look in the mirror - what do you see?   Have you ever thought about that whatever you see,  that is what the world sees. That is what your children see every day. That is what your spouse sees every day. The people you love are looking at the exact same face they are seeing in the mirror at that moment.

It is amazing how the way you are in your exercise workouts shows how you are in life.  Because we face fire and trial in every area of our lives - if during just a one hour workout, we cannot meet that trial head on - what are we doing in the rest of our lives?

If we are choosing only to do the easy things in the workout or doing the exercises halfway, then how are we living the rest of our lives? When things get rough in our workout, and we quit, become negative, or cheat ourselves, how are we living our lives?

It is really freeing when you think about it.  I don't have to carry my burden of unaccomplished goals and excuses anymore  because the only reason I have not achieved something is because I did not get up and do it.   There is no grey area of life where the world is at fault. It is not always easy, but it is always possible.

I can't even tell you the joy it is to just accept responsibility for my life! To look in the mirror and know that I have the power to change my face, to smile, to go through my fire IN JOY.   To know that the example I am giving to others, especially my family, is going to bless their lives and bring the joy that we all need to have a prosperous, long and happy life.  "Have Joy in the Journey.  The Journey is the Reward!"

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