The Scorpion Sting
On May 1st, 2008, I stepped on a good size scorpion in my shower and had some pretty awful effects from it.  Through the process, it caused me to think about how the sting of a scorpion relates to our words.

When I first stepped on it, I thought a needle had gone through my toe & just kept thinking how my 5 year old was 5 seconds from getting in before me!  It was extremely painful and when I went to pull out what I thought was a needle or glass, I saw the scorpion go down the drain. 

You know when our tongue spouts out something negative, it is sharp and piercing like a needle and depending on who the negative comment is made to, it is either you or someone else getting the needle!

A scorpion has the power to determine how much venom he releases into his victim.  I guess since he saw this gigantic foot coming down on him he felt he needed to let it all out because immediately the venom and pain was traveling up through my foot and leg.

Just as our words, our venom (negativity), can come at different levels as well.  Sometimes our tongue slightly damages and sometimes it goes for the kill.  Either way the victim is hurt, but sometimes recovery takes a lot longer.

The pain became quite unbearable and I had to go to the ER for help.  At one point, I had lost control of my reflexes and my leg was doing weird stuff on its own.  It hurt badly and I could feel the poison going through my veins.  It was debilitating.

This perfectly describes what our words do to ourselves and others.  It is like injecting poison into yourself or someone else and that poison remains inside and begins to spread through the body, causing pain and loss of control.  When you say, "I am so fat and ugly", "I can never be in good shape", "I can't do it" that poison remains inside you and spreads, taking over your body, mind and spirit.

The doctors tried to help me by giving strong pain killers, but they did not work.  Nothing was helping and I was greatly suffering.

Many times, we fill our lives with so much negativity, we try to find ways to cover the pain and hide it.  Some choose prescription meds or even street drugs, diet pills, alcohol, FOOD, etc.  But ultimately, nothing in this world can take that pain away.  The pain was injected in you by your words and only your words can take it away.  You have the power to choose!

Our special prayer warriors prayed and I kept thinking and saying that scripture in Luke 10:19 that says, "And I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you.   I will be honest, during some of the most painful moments, I was thinking more revelation where it says, "They had tails that stung like scorpions, with power to torture people."  It was so painful and I would catch myself saying negative things! 

But my wonderful husband was there with me to remind me what I needed to be proclaiming, how my words had to change for my situation to change.  And it did.  The amazing thing?  You would have never known that I was stung.  No mark, no swelling, no irritation, no sign of any sting.  I am completely healed from this and have no injury, because God says, "And I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you."

So my question to all of you is:  Have you been stinging yourself and others with your words?  Are you constantly around others who are stinging you? Do you have painful poison running through your body?  Have you put yourself in such a negative situation that you feel paralyzed from the venom?  It is a lot to ponder.  But the good part about this, is we have the power and ability to change this.  We have the power to change our words and our atmosphere!  God gives us this power, we have to choose to use it!

It is time to detox and remove the poison from your body and lips!  It isn't always an easy thing to change your mouth, just like it isn't easy to change your lifestyle, but it can be done!  God has so much for you and your life and He is trying to hand it to you, but you have to reach out and take it and not let your mouth and negativity keep you from your blessings. 

Have a blessed and "scorpion sting" free week!

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