Resolution or Commitment?
It is that time of year where we feel the pressure to make our resolutions and what is the most popular one?  Fitness Centers see a huge increase in membership in January, but then it slowly drops off about 3 months later.  Why?  Because a resolution is not a true commitment.  It isn't a promise to keep.  It still gives us a way out if we decide we don't feel like keeping it or if we don't see results fast enough.

Instead of making a resolution to do things to improve our health, how about calling it a commitment or a personal promise goal?

The definition of resolution is: a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner

The definition of a commitment is: A pledge, promise or affirmation of agreement

We need to commit to our health the way we do to other important things in our lives.

When you get married, do you say "I will TRY to honor and love you or MAYBE I will love and honor you?" When you go to a job interview, do you tell them you will TRY to do a good job or Maybe you will get to work on time? Of course not.

Our words are powerful and if we continually say we will TRY to eat better or MAYBE I will workout today, then we are not truly committing to it and we set ourselves up to fall.

It is time to commit to something that is just as important as our commitments to our loved ones and our jobs. Your health is worth committing to, so instead of resolving to have better health, let's have New Years Commitments: to pledge and promise to do what we say we are going to do and make those commitments specific and detailed.  Write them out and post them on your fridge as a daily reminder.  Remember that where you are today is where your mind put you and where you will be tomorrow is where your mind put you!

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