Is God Your Food?
Do you worship food, more than God? Think about it.

Is food a false idol? Food for thought.

Is going out to a good restaurant more exciting than going to church? Is ice cream your true savior? Is a burger and fries your real comfort and joy?

You can't worship two gods at once.  Adoration of one feeds contempt for the other. Matthew 6:24

Focusing on food- whether by thinking about it, obsessing over it,preparing it, or constantly eating it- can hurt our commitment to God. When we turn to food to feel soothed, comforted, cheered up, or calmed down, that's an indication that it has become a very powerful substance in our lives. Remember that our focus on food can go the other route where we are obsessed with every calorie and fat gram that goes into our mouth that we become imprisoned in that way. If your life revolves around food in either way, there is a problem.  We can be committed to the Lord in every way but still struggle to loose the grip of food on us. It is certainly painful when we recognize that we have edged God out with food.

I can remember a long time ago, we would have junk food night each Friday night.  If everyone behaved well for the week, we would go and get every kind of junk out there and celebrate by consuming massive amounts of calories and sugar each Friday.  We actually taught our children to reward themselves with food and love it!  I think about how much I loved eating out and always wanted that for a gift for special occasions.  Food was truly my god and that is why I could never understand why I was getting nowhere in my life in all areas.

But surrendering our food to God leads to amazing freedom! By planning our healthy meals for the day and then following through with the plan, we become less aware of food and more aware of God. As we let go our need for food to support us, we become more available to the nurturing of His presence. In time, we forget food and instead focus on life.

Letting go of food a day at a time amounts to worshiping Him with our very lives. Forgetting ourselves, we find our true life and true worship of God.

Have a wonderful week Fit By Faith Family!

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