What Are Limits?
Peter Johnson, a long time Tae Bo instructor, really taught me what limits are. 

In class, we sometimes stop earlier than others because we are at our limit.  What are limits?   I have learned that "limits" aren't really limits at all; they are focus points where my mind and will have decided to stop and rest! This is such a valuable lesson and it goes way beyond physical training. 

If we were limited in what we can do, then the scripture "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me" would not be valid and of course God's WORD is VALID!  No matter what your obstacles are, no matter what limitations the world puts on you, you have the ability to exceed your limitations everyday. 

Obviously, you have to remember the three T's when you are working on exceeding your limitations:  Trust, Truth and Time. Time is the pressure cooker that really ensures your insides are shaped by Tae Bo. A lot of people say you need to be patient in the workout. I disagree. Patience is defined as "the ability to suppress annoyance when confronted with delay," to wait calmly. This to me does not sound empowering. I say, GIVE YOURSELF TIME. What's the difference? Well, giving yourself time is actively working towards a goal WITHOUT a concern as to when you will achieve. By doing this you become involved in enjoying a process instead of only being focus on a result!  Have an EMPOWERING week friends!

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