Kill the Flesh Before It Kills You!
Are you operating in that flesh or in that spirit?   I know when I was overweight, I was 99% flesh and 1%spirit.  It was tough to make the transition, but as I worked towards my goals, learned to eat right, worked out harder each time, strengthened my will, filled my mind with God's Word and positive things, slowly I began to learn how to operate in my spirit, how to go longer each time before my flesh kicked in.   When we are working out and you get that icky feeling where you are not enjoying yourself and just want to quit so bad, that is when you are operating in your flesh.  A great way to test yourself as to how fleshy you are is to do a power move and time it.  How long does it take before you want to quit?  The longer you can go without feeling that way, the more you are operating in spirit!   Remember, it doesn't happen overnight.  Just like a toddler learns to walk, he falls down and tumbles as he learns, but he always gets back up and keeps working until he gets it!  That is what we must do! 

As we face temptation to quit or to let our flesh rule us, we have to understand that to endure temptation means to go through trials without giving outlast the devil. Enduring also means going through a time of temptation without letting it change your attitude or commitment. Jesus never treated people differently when He was being tempted, and when we have Christian maturity, we can follow His example. Jesus understands exactly what we're facing in temptation.

So often God prompts (tempts) us to do something good, and immediately Satan attacks our mind, causing us to reason it out. When we fall for that, Satan steals from us the opportunity to do good and be blessed. It seems that we're better at resisting the temptation to do right than we are at resisting the temptation to do wrong. It's time to give in to God's temptations. He will never guide you wrong.

Operate in that spirit and you will experience miracles and changes in your life that you never imagined!

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