Fit Your Own Mold!
Don't sweat if a size 6 doesn't fit. Try your own size instead.

Health experts will tell you that the present American/European ideal body shape is a combination of slenderness and athleticism and that the media exploits this image by bombarding men and women with the messages that they have to have this ideal body to be happy and attractive.  We put numbers in our head for example women tend to think 125lbs or less is ideal and shoot for these unrealistic goals when in fact, their body was not designed to weight that little. 

I am around 145- 150lbs lbs and only 5'5" and therefore considered by the world to still be overweight.  But I assure you, according to my measurements and my dress size, I am far from overweight. 

Billy Blanks gives this wonderful example of how we are not to set unrealistic goals for ourselves.  A woman with a size 9 shoe and a woman with a size 6 shoe switch their shoes.  They both try to get the wrong size shoes to fit and cannot.  God didn't make the size 9 woman to fit in a size 6 so it will never fit and unless she cuts her foot off, it never will.  So for her to expect to wear a size 6 is not realistic and will only bring her continued discouragement if she tries to make it fit. 

Our oldest daughter has an hourglass figure which is much different from my shape.  She knows that she will most likely not be in the size I wear, but she knows she looks good in the size that does fit her.  It took her awhile to get her mind to accept that, but once she did, she is very happy with her very curvy and attractive figure!

We cannot let the media or the scale dictate to us what is the correct or desirable size.  I do not agree with the old method of measuring BMI because it does not take into account your muscle, body shape, etc.  I encourage you to use the

Metabolic Effect Shape Calculator 

to help you work on focusing on measurements and changing your shape rather than changing the number on a scale.

This is yet another area where we must change our mind to not think the way the world thinks.  Let your final size/weight be a guessing game for now and just focus on doing the right things and feeling good on the inside because of it.