Detoxing the Mind
Definition of Toxic:  harmful, destructive, or deadly to humans; a poisonous substance

When we go around dwelling on negative thoughts, thinking about what we can't do or how we will never get ahead, those thoughts are toxic thoughts. Toxic thoughts left alone become like toxic waste that sinks into your heart. It will eventually contaminate your whole life. It affects your self-image. It affects your attitude, your level of confidence, and ultimately, your success. That is why God's Word says to guard your heart because the condition of your heart and mind determine the condition of your whole life.   

For so long, our oldest daughter was consumed by her negative thoughts and words.  Slowly she became those thoughts and words and was so unhappy.  She is the reason I made changes to my own negative words and unhealthy lifestyle.  Once she saw me change, she wanted to change to and began her own detox.   The more she detoxed, the more positive she became, the more she reached out to others, the brighter she would shine and the more confident and victorious she was.  She has come so far in her detox and John and I are proud to say that her changes have changed her so radically that she was nominated for Homecoming Queen of Bangs High School this week!  She was also able to become the Mascot, Student Council, NHS and achieve a whole list of things that came as a result of her detox.   Rewind a few years ago and these achievements would have never even been imagined as even a slight possibility!  But just as God has given us the ability to quickly heal and transform our bodies, even after years of damage and bad health, He can also quickly heal and change our minds, but we have to be willing to go through the detox faithfully and consistently.  

It is time to detox any negative, self-defeating thoughts by meditating on God's promises instead. Make the decision to detox bitterness, detox low self-esteem, detox negative words that may have been spoken over you, detox condemnation. Make the decision to dwell on what God says about you. Detox not only for yourself, but your family so they will follow your lead.  God says, You are forgiven.” God says, Your best days are in front of you.” God says, I'll restore the years that the enemy has stolen.” As you detox your mind and fill your thoughts with His promises, you will see His hand of blessing on your life. You will rise up higher, and you will live the abundant life He has for you!

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