What Does Your Church Look Like?
What if you went to a church and it was clearly not taken care of.  Paint peeling off the walls, broken pews and walls, windows so dirty you couldn't see the light shining through?  It would make you wonder about why the pastor was allowing his church to fall apart because his church is his instrument for celebrating the glory of God, yet if he doesn't respect the church enough to take the time to keep it in good condition, what does this say about his relationship with God?

The same question applies to your own body.  It's your God given instrument for experiencing life on Earth and for doing good works.  It is the home of your spirit where God dwells.  To do the work you were meant to do, you need to keep it in shape.  If you let your body get too shabby or sick, it will be a constant distraction.  you will not be able to experience the Presence of God and His joy and peace anymore than you could in a church building that was uncomfortable, falling apart, or aesthetically demoralizing. 

Many have seen my quote that says "More God inside = less of me outside".  That means that the Holy Spirit lives in us, but we can get so fleshy that we fill up with selfishness  and He has so little room to work inside us, but if we would push the flesh out and give the Holy Spirit all the room to work in us, then we can do amazing things, including getting less of us outside :o).

So take a look at your church.  Does it need some major renovation?  If so, let's get that church fixed up before it completely falls apart.  Now is your chance to rebuild and restore that beautiful building God has given you.  If you are already reconstructing and cleaning up, then keep motivated and keep fixing it up and know that everyone is going to be lined up to attend your brand new beautiful church.  Let that light shine through your windows and not only will it bless you, but all the people lined up to find out how to get that same light to shine in theirs!

Love this song by Tenth Avenue North called Cathedrals, fits with this topic!

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