What it Means to Be Focused
Being focused is not simply concentrating or staring at something, but visualizing what you are doing or about to do, what is going on and still being aware of what is happening around you. Having a guide in front of you so you can make your movements precise, strong, and controlled.
We teach this a lot in our classes because when you truly understand it, you can take your focus into any fitness workout and your body will begin to change.. I hear people say that a certain type of workout doesn't do anything for them, or that the DVDs are not as challenging as a live class, but I believe that when you are focused and understand your body mechanics, you can make anything challenging!

Being focused not only can help you to get into shape, but in every area of your life.. Most people are naturally unfocused. We live in a very distracting world. If you think about it, the time we are most focused and aware is when we are driving, and even then, we are distracted by our cell phone, eating and drinking, the music playing, etc. Being focused can save your life. Being focused can bring relationships to new levels. After a long day, you are home trying to cook dinner, attend to this and that and your children or spouse are talking to you, are you focused on what they have to say? When you are in a meeting or in school, are you focused on what is being taught to you? We tend to let so many distractions get into our head, we zone out and don't truly absorb what we need to.

The enemy wants us unfocused because that is when he can to get us. Often when people punch at my mitts in Tae Bo®, they look at the mitts as they punch and turn their head from side to side. They are distracted by the mitts, when they should be looking at the person holding the mitts, that is who they should never take their eyes off of, because if they do, the person can just reach out and punch them in the face. The enemy is determined to distract you in everything so he can knock you out!. Keep your eye on the prize, and for me that prize is Jesus. I know that no matter what circumstances and distractions are around me, if I keep my eyes fixed on Him, the enemy can't touch me. . Whatever you are focused on is what will become stronger in your life. I know I don't want my distractions to become stronger! It is amazing how you can hit those mitts, aka distractions, every time when you stop looking at them.

Let's not let anything knock us down this week okay? Work on being focused. Just like anything else, it takes practice and time, but soon it will come naturally. You will then begin to see how it will transform your life in EVERY area!