Don't Let Your Circumstance Limit You
When I finally fell on my knees and made the commitment to get into shape, I could have easily talked myself out of it.

I was a stay at home mom of 4 kids and carrying an extra 100# on my small frame.

I also was at the beginning stages of Type II Diabetes and extreme high blood pressure. The back pain was debilitating.

I really didn't have room for allowing my circumstances to stop me. It was change or die.

So although we were on one income, I didn't say. "I can't afford this."

Although I had 4 kids at home all going in 4 different directions, I didn't say "I don't have time for this."

Although the excess weight injured my back so much that sometimes John had to carry me to the bathroom, I didn't say "I can't exercise."

I also didn't have much knowledge, so not only did I need to make time to exercise and eat healthy, but I had to make time to learn how to do this.

I also didn't have a strong support system, besides my husband or a positive environment to do this, outside my house, but did I just give up?

No, I created one. FIT BY FAITH.

Now don't think that this was a cake walk and I didn't struggle through it, that I never complained or never had a moment that I said I can't do something.

I am not perfect, but those struggles only made me stronger and taught me not to limit myself. Taught me to stop complaining and being negative and start living in gratitude and joy.

So don't let your circumstances hold you back from being the best version of you both physically and mentally. Find your why and find a way <3

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