Want to know the formula for a FAT belly?

(SS + Ft) X St= Fat Belly

Starch and sugar (SS) combined with fat (Ft) represent the worst combination for fat gain.

Starches and sugar raise insulin levels, and fat is relatively neutral. In other words, while fat supplies calories by itself, it has little to no impact on insulin production.
But when fat is added to sugar and starch (think doughnuts, French fries, pizza and burgers) you get a huge fat storing atomic bomb of insulin release. Insulin and fat also independently raise another fat storing hormone called ASP (acylation stimulating protein). And when they are combined, they drastically enhance another fat storing hormone called GIP (glucose dependent insulinotrophic peptide). Not to mention the combination of fat and starch usually means a hefty dose of calories. Add stress (St) on top of this and the impact is multiplied further forcing excess calories around the belly.

Six Pack Formula

Want to know the formula for a six pack?

{(P + V ) X Sl} ÷ IE= Six Pack

Protein (P) and vegetables (V) add a high powered hunger suppressing punch with little insulin production. This means less calories and better hormone balance.

Sleep (Sl) magnifies this effect by lowering cortisol and increasing human growth hormone (HGH), a fat burning and muscle building hormone. Throw in intense exercise (IE) that favors weight training and interval training (more HGH and testosterone= more belly fat burning) over long duration cardio (more cortisol) and you start seeing the butter drip off.

Putting it together

If you are still confused, here is a quick review. The current diet of the western world is between 70 to 90 percent starch, sugar and fat. 75 million Americans eat fast food every single day. The average sleep time is lower than 8 hours nightly. The number one form of activity is sitting on the couch, and when we are active, we use an inferior method of weight control by choosing jogging over sprinting or weight training.

The fix lies in replacing the sugar and starch with fiber and raising the protein while normalizing the fat. The foods with the highest ratio of fiber relative to starch are vegetables (can you say 9 or more servings a day?). By the way, if you think beans, corn, and potatoes are vegetables, that is part of the problem. They are starches, especially when you are after a six pack. The foods high in protein are eggs, and all lean cuts of meat. Cheese & yogurts, while high in protein, can add to the fat and sugar burden so a six pack diet uses dairy foods in small amounts only.

For exercise, don’t throw away your running shoes, but make your dominant form of activity fast paced metabolically demanding weight training. While your doctor knows drugs, he or she was not trained in nutrition or exercise so you will have to trust us on this one. Weight training done the right way is better at burning fat, great for the heart, and keeps you from the number one killer today which is frailty.

Here is your sample plan:


Breakfast- Lose the cereal and go for the eggs & no more than 10 bites of starch.
Snack- Tuna & Veggies
Lunch- Ditch the sandwich and opt for the salad with chicken on top instead.
Snack- Chicken & Veggies
Dinner- Salad, double veggies, lean protein, and no more than 10 bites of starch.


Monday- 20 minutes of circuit weight training. 4 exercises (Squat/presses, push-up/rows, back row, lunge curl). Do 12 of each and immediately go to next exercise. Don’t take structured rests, instead push until you can’t and rest until you can (what we call rest-based training). See how many rounds you can get in 20 minutes. Remember tug-o-war, climbing trees, chopping wood, and pushing a wheelbarrow? This will be all that and more.  

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Tuesday- 20 Minutes of interval exercise on a bike (if you’re overweight). 20sec hard and then rest for 40sec. Then 30sec hard and 30sec rest. Then 40sec hard and 20sec rest. Then 1 minute hard and one minute rest. Repeat 4 times. OR if you can handle it, go do track sprints. #1 Belly Fat Burner is sprinting.

Wednesday- See Monday
Thursday- See Tuesday
Friday- See Monday and Wednesday
Saturday- Now you can go for a run, with all the other stuff you did during the week it may help instead of hurt your chances at a 6 pack.
Sunday- Rest


Walk 30 to 60 minutes every single day. Walking is not exercise, it is necessity. And, it lowers cortisol.

Sleep- 8 to 10 hours a night or what ever amount your body requires to feel rested and restore energy. If you don’t want to do this, that is fine, but just be honest with yourself and admit your nightly sitcom is more important than the six pack you say you want.

Final Thoughts

Finally, and this is the most important thing and the thing no one ever wants to listen to, you can’t do this with exercise alone. You could be doing all of the exercise stuff just right and not lose weight or belly fat and perhaps even gain it because DIET IS THE MOST CRUCIAL ELEMENT IN BODY CHANGE AND FAT LOSS.

Too often people simply say “I am eating right”, and they don’t realize this simple fact: if you are not getting results then you are not eating right. If you are not getting results in fat loss, then no matter how good you are eating, it is not good enough for you, and you are going to have to take it to the next level. This is just the way it is.

Your metabolic formula is different from everyone else, and you need to stop being the dieter and start being the fat loss detective. We all need to look at ourselves and realize while we may be comfortable with our current diet practices and be convinced it is enough, it simply may not be. The point of your nutrition practices where you start seeing losses in belly fat is the point where you start seeing results, NOT the place you are comfortable with.

Too often people get to a point where either consciously or unconsciously they decide “this way of eating is good enough and I am comfortable here”. Reality is,  your level of comfort has nothing to do with it. If you want change, you have to make change and that change may be much more drastic than you have ever considered. It’s not fair, but it is the way it is.

Too often people are spinning their wheels trying to change up their exercise program in an attempt to get rid of the belly fat, when in reality it is the diet program that needs to be manipulated, changed, and experimented with the most. This is the real way a six pack is built. Abs are indeed made in the kitchen.

There is much involved in body change because it is about being a detective and figuring out what food and what exercise works for you as an individual.  The above plan, is simply a plan to get you started, but it might not work for you as is, you may need to tweak it quite a bit depending on your situation.  We can help.  We highly ask you to consider joining Krista's Fit By Faith Formula program so she can help you figure this out for life.  Spend 30 days with her as she helps you tweak this to a formula that is flexible, sustainable and works for your unique body.  Class spaces are limited so CLICK TO SIGN UP TODAY!