2/11/17 - 2/27/17
Krista Johnson - Journal - Information - Notes - Research on BHB Ketone & MCT 

Please be sure to read the entire journal. It will help answer so many questions, help you to make a decision about which products might be better for you,  and give you ideas of different ways to utilize this.  I am extremely picky and must research things to the bone before I will use or recommend them.

In this journal, I share my daily testing of all the products, in different variations, some being used with Isagenix.

Sprinkled between journal entries is a lot of helpful information and research I learned along the way, tips, thoughts and testimony.

I became very sick the day before I began, so the first week was a challenge to test it out, but please be sure to read because I do think the products may have helped me to get through a sickness that was putting most people out.

At the very end of this journal are my research references.  Most research was obtained from outside sources and not from Pruvit, the company that makes these products.

You will find also at the end, my final thoughts and a link to get yourself a 5 Day Experience Pack if you wish to try these products out.

How does this product work?  (of course more details throughout journal)

When your body is in ketosis, it draws its energy from fat, which naturally makes you not hungry.
To get into ketosis normally is very hard. You have to eat a high fat and zero carb diet for many days to get into that state, which is not always a good option for many.

Thisproduct naturally raises your ketones and can aide helping you into ketosis for however long your stomach stays empty. During that time, your body draws fat for energy, which make you not hungry for long periods and allows you to be able to workout on an empty stomach as your body is using fat for energy, not muscle, which is what happens if you workout on an empty stomach without being in ketosis.

You do not have to eat a ketogenic diet obviously, but of course, going and eating a big mac and fries after taking your ketones is for obvious reasons not too beneficial

Why did I consider trying out this product?  

1. My dear friend and fitness professional, who I trust immensely, suggested it to me and she also follows Metabolic Effect  and Isagenix.

2. I have been having a lot of stomach issues. My stomach has been staying in almost a constant bloated state and felt like the answer was to fast a lot more to heal whatever gut issues I was having, but with my active lifestyle, this became challenging.  This sounded like a helpful game changer for me that I was willing to try.

Saturday 2/11/2017

7:30AM: 2 cups of fresh Lemon Water

8:00AM: 1 Bottle of water and KETO//OS® MAX Charged  (tastes good, just like Hawaiian Punch, no after taste and I am picky)

KETO//OS® MAX Charged(Ketone Operating System) is a revolutionary drink mix based on a proprietary ketone energy technology. It delivers advanced macro nutritionals and promotes optimized cellular regeneration, energy and longevity.

The idea is to take it in a window of time you can go the longest without eating, while you are awake. I am choosing to take it in the morning and make my first meal lunch since that is what I normally do anyway.

9:00AM: 1 bottle of water and Walk (do not feel any negative side effects)

10:00AM Breakfast  (feel hungry, but felt hungry before I drank KETO//OS® MAX Charged  )

11:45AM  3 Turmeric Capsules and 1 Isagenix E+Shot

12:00PM Tae Bo® workout (noticing more energy/clarity - very gassy this morning and especially during Tae Bo!) bottle of water

1:00PM  Shake - bottle of water   Peeing a lot more than usual, but that is okay, I do that on cleanse days too.

3:30PM  Have tired eyes, but do not feel exhausted like I have been the past 3 days.  I think the tired eyes is allergies.  I do think energy is up from yesterday.  Bottle of Water.  Haven't had gas since 1pm.

4:30PM:  Half of Dinner, 3 Turmeric, fighting cold like symptoms

5:00PM:  Fully Body Massage.1 bottle of water

7:00PM  Other half of dinner.  Having gas again. Took Colloidal Silver and Elderberry lozenges.   2 bottles of water

8:30PM:  Nyquil, not feeling good at all

Day 1 Thoughts:  I think the reason I have been exhausted the past 3 days, is my body may have picked up a cold.I took Nyquil again at 3am and woke up feeling better, just tired and a bit achy.  I think Sunday will need to take it easy.   I think the KETO//OS® MAX Charged may have helped me with energy and the only side effect I may have from it is gas and maybe peeing a lot, but will test it more this week.  The good news is no headaches or nausea that I can get with supplements that don't do well with me.  I struggled with low blood sugar in the morning, but that was there before Max.  It didn't really get balanced out until after I had my shake  at 1pm.  I had a loss of appetite later in the day, but that could be related to cold. 

Will ketones still work if I’m still eating carbs?

Your body does NOT burn fat for fuel just by drinking ketones. But yet it is one of the greatest fat loss tool that exists in the nutrition industry. You do NOT have to eat low carb or follow a ketogenic diet to get benefits from Keto//OS. But, the less carbs = less insulin = less fat storage. If you are already following the fat loss lifestyle, you are already eating the way it would work best for ketones to be the most effective.  But it still works even if you are consuming starchy carbs with it.

If you have both in your body at the same time, your body uses both. And that's why we call it a dual fuel system. That's why it's so super beneficial to athletes and fitness people.

Just remember this, Keto//OS provides insulin free energy (even with carbs present) but will control blood sugars and improve insulin sensitivity, making you want less carbs. I am going to learn more about what windows of time are best to choose to take the ketones and share those in this journal.
Conclusion: your body will use both, while at the same time limiting your desire for starchy carbs and that is a great thing! 

Sunday 2/12/17

9:00AM 1 cup Lemon Water

9:15AM  Breakfast and KETO//KREME in my Isagenix coffeeKETO//KREME tastes amazing.  I like fat, fat is my favorite.  Fat satisfies me greatly, so this was amazing.  Enjoyed it immensely. 1 bottle of water.

KETO//KREME, derived from the heart of the coconut, is one of the healthiest natural fats known to the world. Our bodies convert fat into energy quickly giving you a powerful mental boost–we call it brain fuel.

10:00AM  1 cup Lemon Water

10:30AM Hour Walk 1 bottle of water

2:00PM  Lunch, 1 bottle of water, 3 Tumeric, collodial silver.  Biotin with coconut oil, Not gassy, just very
slow to move and tired, shaking off the sickness.

4:00PM  Nap, bottle of water

6:00PM  Dinner,  bottle of water

6:30PM:  Reflexology. 2 bottles of water

8:00PM: Bedtime, gassy again. Do not think it is related to KETO//KREME.

Thoughts:  I did very well with KETO//KREME, hard to gauge a lot with being sick, but the KETO//KREME did not cause any digestive issues or problems.

I noticed it says on the package "Ketones in every cup", but there are no beta hydroxybutyrate (Ketones) in the KETO//KREME. But it does have MCT powder (medium chain triglycerides), coconut shortening, C-8, C-10, C-12. The cool thing is that our body uses those things to produce ketones from the liver after you have been fasting all night. This is called Bio-hacking our body and Human optimization. So, it’s a source of natural (endogenous) ketones that our body has to metabolize. It also has ceylon cinnamon. If you have been using Gee butter and coconut oil in in your coffee (Bullet Proof Coffee), for example, the ingredients in KETO//KREME are easier to digest. Since we know MCT and Coconut oil once in the body in a fasted state convert into Ketones there really are “Ketones in every cup”. 

Monday, 2/13/17

8:00AM  KETO//OS® MAX Charged    (I normally have an e+shot, but skipped it to test KETO//OS® MAX Charged  fully)  Weighed/Measured myself and Went to work.

10:00AM Walked  with clients and had 2 bottles of water  (did fine with KETO//OS® MAX Charged   - really like the taste too) and just feeling like I am not quite over sickness yet.  All symptoms are related to sickness and not KETO//OS® MAX Charged    .  Going to rest before working again.  Thinking KETO//OS® MAX Charged    helped me through training my clients because clearly not fully recovered. Hearing a lot of others getting hit with sickness, but it is taking them out completely, so grateful I can keep going.

11:00AM:  Came home and started to feel better and was able to keep working , then laid down for about 40 minutes for a quick nap.  Peeing a lot.  Very thirsty.

12:40PM:  Dairy free Shake and 1 bottle of water.  Gassy after eating. 

2:00PM Walk Outside with Dogs  1 E+Shot (for destress) 3 tumeric and 1 Bottle of water had to pee so bad while walking!  Crazy!  Started to not feel good again, but keeping on and there is a good chance the KETO//OS® MAX Charged      is helping with energy and normally I would be having to lay in bed.

4:00PM  Shake, 1 bottle of water , Biotin with coconut oil, Colloidal Silver.

6:00PM: Taught class, 1 bottle of water, don't feel hungry.  Stomach is bloated, but last shake was whey and not dairy free, so that could be the cause.  

8:00PM  Small dinner

Tuesday, 2/14/17

8:00AM Bottle of Water, feeling pretty bad from whatever this is, but going to trudge on.  Stomach is very bloated.

9:00AM  Half of KETO//OS® MAX Charged , feeling a bit better.

10:00AM Had 2 boiled eggs so I can take some ibuprofen.  I have to be in quite a bit of pain to take it.  I teach another class soon and I need help for pain.  1 bottle of water.

11:00AM Taught Class, 1 bottle of water, made it through, stomach is still very bloated.

1:00PM Lunch, 1 bottle of water, need to rest as much as possible to be able to teach Tae Bo tonight.

4:00PM Tae Bo®. 1 bottle of water.  1 E+Shot,

5:30PM: Half KETO//OS® MAX  Charged  one bottle of water.  I made a mistake on this.  I made it with a full bottle of water, and  for me to drink that much water before class is not good, I think I may have lost bladder control a bit on some of those jumps!  Oops!  Note to take it more like a shot when it hits close to teaching.

7:00PM  Class is over I am feeling completely wiped out.  I made it and made it with energy and grace, but I honestly can't tell if it was from the KETO//OS® MAX Charged  or sheer Spirit of God.  I really need to test this when I am not sick so I am thankful to keep doing this for a few more days.   I did not pee nearly as much dividing it in half, so think that is going to be wise.  I have noticed that all 3 days I have taken KETO//OS® MAX Charged , I was hungry for first meal, but no appetite the rest of the day. 

8:30PM  Dinner, Nyquil BED

Wednesday 2/15/17

8:00AM  KETO//OS® 3.0 Chocolate Swirl Charged.   I for sure like the KETO//OS® MAX Charged    better.   I think I would like this if it was a creamy texture.  I think I will try adding it to unsweet almond milk.  Chocolate water is like a Yoo Hoo to me and not a fan of those.  The taste is really okay, it is just chocolate water texture that I don't care for.   Decided to take the whole packet today and then divide it up tomorrow to test this one out in both ways and to also see if I respond the same as with the KETO//OS® MAX Charged .  I woke up still not feeling well, but I am off to work because you can't keep a good woman down  :-)

KETO//OS® 3.0 Chocolate Swirl Charged has no added fats medium scale of appetite control/satiety includes amino acid blend for maximum muscle sparing effects Added probiotics and probiotics that work together for optimal gut health Fat free, dairy free, gluten free

Note:  The KETO//OS® 3.0 Chocolate Swirl could be combined with IsaPRO (straight whey, not the shake) to help with taste.  The protein and carb content in Isalean shakes is too high to mix with the ketones for them to work properly so would not want to mix with the shake, but adding to IsaPro and maybe even some extra cocoa might make it taste better.  Because my digestive system does not do well with whey, I am not able to test this combination out.

10:00AM  Started walking with client after session, but got intense pain in sinuses and thought I was going to faint.  Not related to KETO//OS® 3.0 Chocolate Swirl,  Feeling very bad. Got home at 11:00AM, going to eat some lunch,  not work the rest of the morning/afternoon and rest.  Still planning to make 6pm class tonight.  Am more gassy this morning. 1 bottle of water.

Chocolate Swirl 3.0 and MAX do NOT have MCT they have short chain triglycerides. They also have probiotics to aid in digestion health.  The 3.0 has 4 BCAA's, mainly l-leucine and taurine. L-luecine is consider ketogenic as it increases the effectiveness of the ketones. L-leucine is the main amino in muscle building or preservation.

1:00PM Hot shower, bottle of water and Nap

3:30PM  2 bottles of water 1 E+Shot.  Woke up feeling so much better.  I am seeing a pattern here.  When I go work, I feel worse, when I rest, I feel better.  Think my body is trying to tell me something.  I will rest until my 6PM class tonight and that one I mostly teach rather than do the workout, so I feel like I can handle that.    Having a dairy free shake.   Still a bit gassy.  (had big bowel movement at 5:15pm, just mentioning that because I normally go in the morning, and that is the second time I have had one at that time. Maybe body is gassy because it is getting the crap out faster :)

6:00PM  Taught class, did fine, 1 bottle of water.

7:30PM: Small Dinner, wasn't really hungry, but wanted to eat. 

8:00PM Walk, shower, bed.  Stomach is still very bloated and kind of hard (but this has been an ongoing issue for me.

Thursday 2/16/17

8:00AM Stomach finally is going down a bit.  Got on scale just out of curiosity and down 2lbs.  Will do inches tomorrow morning.   1 bottle of Water 1 E+Shot.   Half KETO//OS® 3.0 Chocolate Swirl in unsweet Almond milk.  Still not crazy about the KETO//OS® 3.0 Chocolate Swirl.  In the almond milk, it still tastes like chocolate water to me.  I for sure like the KETO//OS® MAX Charged .  Pruvit is coming out with a new chocolate flavor any day now called KETO//OS® MAX SWISS CACAO so I will be trying that one out for sure. Got gassy shortly after drinking Chocolate Swirl, but after a bathroom stop, it went away :).

How long do the ketones stay in your system? Orange Dream and Chocolate Swirl are in your blood 3-5 hrs. MAX is in your blood 6-8 hrs.

10:00AM Feeling a bit tired, took another E+Shot, bottle of water

12:00PM Finished teaching, bottle of water, lunch.  Feeling so much better, just very very tired.  This is more related to recovering from sickness.  I think I might have had something really bad, but between good health, good eating and possibly the MAX, I was able to work and continue on. 

2:00PM  Walk outside with dogs.  1 bottle of water. 3 turmeric 

4:00PM Other half of KETO//OS® 3.0 Chocolate Swirl.  Traditional weight training workout/  Workout did fine, just had to take it slow.

5:00PM  Hot shower and boy howdy, I my body feels so tired.  I am struggling to move.  Having breakfast for dinner and enjoying some coffee with KETO//KREME.  1 bottle of water

6:00PM Perked up and do not feel as tired.  1 bottle of water.  Did pee 4X within the hour after coffee.

8:30PM Relaxed walking before bed. Biotin with coconut oil.

11:00PM woke up a bit hungry and got a spoonful of peanut butter.

Friday 2/17/17

Lost 1lb and 3" this week.  I did not change anything except having ketones. Avoided CFL and other supplements  and tried to do my diet as normal as possible to be sure ketones were responsible.

8:00AM  Bottle of water with half KETO//OS® MAX Charged  .  Peeing  a lot.  Not gassy.  I am thinking my digestive system has been trying to get more regular and that might explain past gassiness although that can be a side effect of increased ketones.

10:30AM Very hungry so need to eat earlier than normal today. Feel sluggish again so going to go ahead and do KETO//KREME in my coffee to see if it perks me up like it did last night.  1 bottle of water.

12:30PM Feeling more alert, just struggling to get blood sugar balanced.  1 bottle of water and an E+Shot    Relaxed Walk.

2:00PM  Lunch

4:30PM Half  KETO//OS® MAX Charged  and Tae Bo® Workout. 1 bottle of water  Feel like the KETO//OS® MAX Charged helped energize me for Tae Bo®.

5:30PM Hatha Yoga.  Feeling a lot better! 1 bottle of water .  Not feeling hungry at all. 

6:30PM:  Walk

7:00PM:  small dinner

Listened to Dr. Andi tonight and she answered a lot of questions.  She said if you are having issues with bloating/gas, it could be your body is trying to adjust to the ketones and suggested taking it with meal that is high fat and low carb.   Another option is to to half the package and work your way up to using a full package.    As far as taking it with other medications, during pregnancy, nursing, with illness, always ask your doctor, but their research shows it should be fine and may actually help you.   For those with High Blood Pressure, the ketones salts are high in sodium, so talk to doctor and consider reducing the sodium in your food to compensate for the ketones.

Read a helpful blog from someone with leaky gut syndrom, hasimoto thyroid disease and MS and after just doing a sample pack, she had amazing resultshttp://www.kissacooper.com/2017/02/ketoos-5-day-experience.html

Saturday, 2/18/17

9:00AM  Half KETO//OS® 2.1 Orange Dream Charged .  This tastes better than Chocolate Swirl.  I still think I like the taste of KETO//OS® MAX  Charged  best, but this one is fine.   I put off doing this one because of the MCT (medium-chain triglyceride fat)  in it and reviews saying digestive issues may occur. But I have not had any problem with the KETO//KREME which also has MCT and   I think having done KETO//OS® MAX Charged  and doing half of this might eliminate the common side effects.

KETO//OS® Orange Dream (Ketone Operating System) is a revolutionary drink mix based on a proprietary ketone energy technology. It delivers advanced macro nutritionals and promotes optimized cellular regeneration, energy and longevity.  1.) Orange Dream 2.1 has MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) for healthy fat derived from coconut oil. The MCT aids in digestion health. People who do a KETO diet may want the added fat from the MCT. It also satiates some people's appetites more than Chocolate 3.0 or MAX.  It also has the largest amount of Caffeine compared to Chocolate and MAX, but all three do come in caffeine free versions.

MCT powder is a powdered form of medium-chain triglycerides.

The production process is like that in which protein powders are made – a process called spray drying.

Saturated fatty acids like MCTs are naturally liquids at room temperature. As such, the liquid MCT oil is spray dried and micro-encapsulated with a powder “carrier shell” to give it the appearance and convenience of a powder.

The main advantages of converting MCT oil to a powder product include:

Incorporation into solid products (for example, adding them to a baking recipe or any other powdered product) and a possibility of controllable “slowed” release of the MCT oil during consumption.

MCT powder products tend to be used for a convenient on-the-go option in single serving sachets, and powders are generally easier to transport than liquids.

Many people can experience gut distress (diarrhea or “the runs”) issues when consuming MCT oils; anecdotal feedback suggests that MCT powder products are much more tolerable in that regard and thus you can take greater amounts of MCT, and potentially double the blood ketone impact vs. standard MCT oils.

It is also viable to stack MCT powder with other ingredients that boost blood ketones (such as BHB mineral salts) to further augment the effect.  In effect the MCT powder works as a good carrier for BHB mineral salts in the body. See the complete discussion of using BHB mineral salts to raise ketones for context.

you are typically able to increase blood ketones two fold higher than ordinary MCT oil. This is simply due to the ability to consume more MCTs in the powder form by avoiding the greater GI distress potential of the oil form.

Powders provide an alternative rich texture with potential for flavoring. Many people use the MCT powders as a “creamer” for coffee or hot drinks. There’s also flavored varieties available depending on the company and product you use.

MCT can help support hormone balance, immune health, is a great source of energy, and supports gut health

10:00AM Walk.  1 bottle of water. Feeling good, just thirsty, but I have not had enough water today.

11:30PM  Breakfast.  1 bottle of water Feel fine, not having any side effects.  Wanting to notice more clarity/focus from ketones,  but that is something I am naturally strong in so I might not be a good tester for that.  I don't struggle with this too much and I think it is because I naturally have more fat in my diet than most.  I tend to thrive on fat. 

12:15AM  Had a burst of energy to do some deep house cleaning.  Haven't had that in awhile. 1 bottle of water.  E+shot (for destress)

2:45PM:  Snack, little hungry.

4:00PM Half KETO//OS® 2.1 Orange Dream Charged and going for outdoor walk with dogs.

6:00PM Dinner,  not very hungry.  Doing fine.  I wonder if part of it is that my body adjusted to the KETO//OS® MAX Charged    several days before taking this one.   Biggest thing I am noticing by taking ketones everyday, my appetite is much less. 

It seems like the KETO//OS® 2.1 Orange Dream might possibly be a good fit for me because my goal is gut health more than anything so I am going to order some more to test.

Sunday 2/19/17

I did not sleep  well last night.  Only got about 2 hours and my brain would not shut off.  I was constantly thinking about ketones.    Maybe too much research, LOL.  At 11:00PM I was hungry and ate a small snack.  I only ate twice yesterday so maybe I was overcompensating.   I know once in awhile this happens to me so may not be related to  KETO//OS® 2.1 Orange Dream , but the Orange Dream does contain more caffeine than the others .  I am very tired today and think I will save my last 4 of KETO//OS® MAX Charged for Monday - Thursday

8:30AM  1 bottle of water.  I decided to do half KETO//KREME  because I normally only have about half a cup of coffee 2X a week.  The past few I have had, had to force the whole cup down because I didn't want to waste product, so thought I would try doing half.  This might help with costs as well.   I think one week I would like to practice doing half cup of coffee each morning, then ketones, then eating lunch and see how that goes.  I noticed Dr. Andi did it that way. Today I am going to go ahead and eat breakfast with my coffee.  

11:30AM Blood sugar is down a bit during church, I don't always do well eating an early breakfast.
1:30PM  Outside Walk with Dogs 1 Bottle of Water  E+Shot

2:30PM Lunch 1 Bottle of Water.

6:00PM Dinner

8:00PM  Late Metabolic Effect workout.  Feel like lifting a bit and a relaxed walk on Treadmill.

9:15PM  Cleanse For Life

Felt better today, still have low energy, junk in throat and congestion, but clearly almost done with this.  Excited to start a new week. I am noticing I have not been taking my tumeric and the reason being, I am not in the pain I was in.  I have learned that  ketones can help with this.

Monday 2/20/17

8:00AM  1 bottle of water KETO//OS® MAX Caffeine Free, E+Shot ,1 Isagenix Amped Hydrate.  Adding electrolytes can help to reduce the peeing the ketones can cause.

12:00PM  Snack (traveling) get hungry and then it stops, off and on. 

3:00PM Lunch

5:00PM 1 bottleof water . KETO//OS® MAX Caffeine Free 

6:00PM  Taught Class

7:45PM Small Dinner followed by walk.  No side effects today, peed a tiny bit more than normal, but nothing like before.  Hydrate seems to be a good mix with this.  Wanting to learn how it would work to just do half a package a day.  Cleanse For Life before bed.

10:45PM  Hungry.  This has happened more than once.  Not hungry most of day, but hits me late at night.

Monday 2/21/17

9:00AM Half  KETO//OS® MAX Charged. 1 bottle of water.

10:00AM Half KETO//KREME in 1/2 cup coffee.  Did it backwards today :)

11:00AM  Taught class. Felt good!  Still have congestion and sniffles, but felt good.

12:30PM  Lunch/Shake

3:00PM  Outside Walk with Dogs  E+Shot.  1 bottle of water.

4:00PM  Tae Bo®.  Half  KETO//OS® MAX Charged. 1 bottle of water.  On days like this, I really need to be diligent to eat more, but I don't want to eat too close to Tae Bo® so this is a little struggle.  May need to go ahead and do breakfast on these days because a shake and a dinner will not cut it for me, but I am not hungry.

6:00PM Tae Bo®. E+Shot.  1 Bottle of water. Not hungry at all and do not feel like eating.

8:00PM Still do not want to eat.  I am amazed at how this naturally suppresses your appetite, but I have only had a shake today and with 3 workouts I need to eat, but I just want to go to bed.

9:30PM  Decide to go ahead and eat so I don't overcompensate.  Forgot to take my Isagenix CFL

1:00AM  Restless and having a hard time sleeping.  Not hungry, but have a spoonful of peanut butter and some water and am able to sleep the rest of the night.

My friend who itnroduced this to me uses KETO//OS® MAX   for Isagenix Deep Cleanse Days and says that she breezes through it because she feels stable and full from the ketones.  Will try that out!

Wednesday 2/22/17

7:00AM:  1 bottle of water and KETO//OS® MAX Caffeine Free and  1 Isagenix Juicy Orange Hydrate.  Wanted to try taking it in one serving with hydrate to see how that effects peeing and to see how it tastes together.   Tastes really good, like tropical punch.

10:00AM Walk.  1 bottle of water.  Hydrate works great with this.  Didn't pee much at all.

11:30PM Lunch. 1 bottle of water.

3:30PM Tae Bo®.  1 Bottle of water. 1 E+Shot

6:00PM:  Taught class.  1 bottle of water.

8:30PM  Dinner.  I was a little hungry today.  Thinking dividing in half helps me more with appetite.  Just learned tonight that for optimal results it is good to do 2 full packets a day.

What is the difference between Atkins Diet and a Ketogenic Diet?

Atkins is not ketogenic! They promote high fat, high protein, low carb. The problem is, what happens to the excess protein that your body doesn't use? Converts to Glucose. If glucose is present, your body has no reason to be ketogenic...so it's not ketogenic.

Most people who think they follow a ketogenic diet, truly aren't in nutritionally induced Ketosis. It's a true lifestyle change. You must have high levels of fat...60-70% fat to achieve Keto-adaptation which is the goal of a ketogenic diet. That's simply hard to do. For example...if all you ate was bacon, eggs, cheese and pepperoni, while that is a LOT of fat, the ratio of protein to fat won't support Ketosis. Hope that helps!

What is the difference between KETO//OS and Rasberry Ketones? 

There’s a pretty big difference between KETO-OS and raspberry ketones. First of all, the name for Raspberry ketones is misleading. This is not a ketone supplement and is not related to a ketogenic diet, ketones or natural ketosis. Raspberry ketones give raspberries their sweet scent and flavor. Most of the current raspberry ketone supplements on the market are generally synthetically made. Natural raspberry ketones are extremely expensive.

These raspberry ketone products have been promoted as revolutionary weight loss products, but research does not support this.

Thursday 2/23/17

6:45AM 1 bottle of water 1 packet of KETO//OS® 2.1 Orange Dream Charged.  Today I am going to try taking 2 packets and see what happens.   I do not have any more Hydrate so it may cause me to pee a lot.

9:15AM  Not peeing  alot, but feeling hungry.

10:15AM  E+Shot & 1 bottle of water.  Still feeling a bit hungry.

11:00AM Teaching class.  1 bottle of water.

1:30PM Lunch.  1 bottle of water. Was pretty hungry.  Ate more than usual.

3:30PM  1 Packet of  KETO//OS® 2.1 Orange Dream Caffeine Free 

4:00PM  Tae Bo®

6:00PM Weight Lifting

6:30PM  Small dinner  half KETO//KREME all I wanted to eat was eggs and ate a lot of them.  Wondering if increasing the ketones naturally has me craving high fat (good fat).

10:00PM Feeling very full and good, ready for bed.  My daughter had baked a chocolate cake and did not even feel tempted and normally that is my weakness.   I am finding though that I seem to respond best to of KETO//OS® MAX   which is strange because  KETO//OS® 2.1 Orange Dream seems to be a better fit for me, but so far of KETO//OS® MAX seems to work better.  I have ordered KETO//OS® MAX Charged and will continue on using 2 packs a day and half KETO//KREME a day.  This is why it is important to try all of them out.

Friday 2/24/17

8:00AM  Lost 1lb and 3.75".  1 inch was from the waist and I seem to be losing the most in my right bicep. LOL.  I will say that when your thyroid function is low (and I suspect mine has been) you tend to carry weight in chest  and arms.  Total loss for the past 2 weeks is 2lbs and 6.75" which is pretty amazing for me.

8:30AM  1 packet of KETO//OS® MAX Charged.  1 Bottle of water.

10:00AM  Walk,  E+Shot

12:00PM  Lunch and half KETO//KREME  think I like having the coffee with my lunch on some days.  Dr. Andi mentioned having your coffee and KETO//KREME when you first wake up and then your KETO//OS after, then making lunch your first meal, but sometimes I prefer to eat with my coffee, but based on how it all works, it doesn't matter when you have your KETO//KREME.  The most important thing is having your KETO//OS in a window frame time where you fast for a bit.

2:00PM Feeling tired.   E+Shot. 

5:00PM Tae Bo® and 1 packet of KETO//OS® MAX Caffeine Free 

9:00PM  Karaoke and Late dinner

Saturday 2/25/17

8:00AM  half KETO//KREME in half a cup of coffee and 1 packet of KETO//OS® 2.1 Orange Dream Charged .  1 bottle of water.

9:00AM  Shooting Range, had great focus, clarity and hit that target right on! 1 bottle of water.

1:00AM Small lunch.  E+Shot 1 bottle of water.

3:00PM  Walk outside.  1 bottle of water.

7:00PM:  Dinner/Birthday Party.  Had some cake!  I did feel hungry so I do think the 2 packets a day are needed for me.  1 packet seemed to work at first, but as my body adjusted, it seems 2 are better as recommended.  I only took 1 today because I only had 2 left and wanted to be able to have some tomorrow to finish out this journal.

Sunday 2/26/27

8:00AM  KETO//OS® 2.1 Orange Dream Caffeine Free 1 bottle of water.

9:30AM Decided to eat Sunday breakfast with my family.  1 KETO//KREME in coffee.  1 bottle of water
1:30PM  Shake.  1 bottle of water.  E+Shot

2:30PM Walk outside.  1 bottle of water.

4:00PM  Cross Fit 17.1 Workout  I for sure could have used some KETO//OS® MAX Charged

7:00PM  Small Dinner.  Feeling a bit tired, early bed.

I hopped on scale just for kicks, and I am down another 1lb, even though I had birthday food Saturday.  Also stomach was not as bloated as usual.   Please note that I am not a fan of weighing or the scale and only did this for this research.  The measuring tape is more important to me. Edited to add: On 3/3/17 I was down another 2lbs and 2.25".

On Monday, 2/27/17, I was completely out of product and had to go the whole day without.  I could feel a difference.  I am excited for my shipment to come in.  On Tuesday, 2/28/17, I was in enough pain I needed to take Ibuprofen and it has to be bad for me to resort to that.  So clearly this product helps with inflammation.

I have concluded that for me, I will be doing half KETO//KREME in half a cup of coffee when I first wake up and then 1 packet of KETO//OS® MAX Charged .  Then another packet of KETO//OS® MAX Charged late afternoon.  

This ends my daily journaling.  Next is what I have learned about ketones  and my conclusion about the products  will be at the end of this journal.

What I have learned about ketones  that is not from the company Pruvit.  This is a lot of information, but before you start taking any kind of supplement, do yourself service by reading and understanding why and what this product is doing for you and the science behind it. 

This is an area I had not researched before and so it has been interesting to study.  I understand about ketosis and not too thrilled about things like the Atkins diet, but what I am learning is that the fat loss lifestyle I teach with metabolic effect, works with this combination of using the BHB ketones you drink each morning.    Ketones are used by our bodies (our mitochondria) to generate energy. They are an alternative fuel source to glucose.

Biochemically speaking, ketones are organic (carbon-based) compounds that contain a central carbon atom double-bonded to an oxygen atom and two carbon-containing substituents, denoted by “R” (see chemical structure below).  Ketones are considered simple compounds because they don’t contain chemical groups that are readily reactive.

Generic Ketone Structure

In humans, there are 3 different ketones (referred to as ketone bodies) produced in mitochondria of the liver: acetone, acetoacetic acid, and beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB).

BHB is not technically a ketone since it contains a reactive OH-group in place of where a double-bonded oxygen normally would be.

However, BHB still functions like a ketone in the body and can be converted to energy (via acetyl-CoA), much like acetoacetate and acetone can (though the acetone conversion to acetyl-CoA is not efficient).
Exogenous ketone bodies are just ketone bodies that are ingested through a nutritional supplement. Ketone bodies produced in the liver are more properly referred to as endogenous ketone bodies.

Exogenous = Originates from a source external from the body.
Endogenous = Originates from a source internal to the body.

Most supplements rely on BHB as the source of their exogenous ketone bodies. BHB is converted (oxidized) via BHB dehydrogenase into acetoacetic acid; the majority of the acetoacetic is then decarboxylated via acetoacetate decarboxylase into acetone.

Essentially, exogenous ketone body supplements provide users with an instant supply of ketones to utilize, even if you’re not necessarily in a state of ketosis prior to ingestion (such as when eating a higher-carb diet).

Exogenous ketone supplements may provide a multitude of benefits, ranging from athletic performance enhancement, more efficient weight loss, cancer prevention, cognitive improvement, anti-inflammatory properties, and more.

Weight Loss Goals

Appetite suppression: A  4-week trial done on rats showed that exogenous ketones were effective at reducing weight gain. It is likely that this reduction in weight gain was the result of the exogenous ketones reducing the overall food intake.

The fate of excess ketones: In the event someone has an excessive amount of ketones in the blood, the body (specifically the kidneys) will work as quickly as possible to filter out ketones via urine rather than converting them to adipose tissue.2 This is not to say that you can’t gain fat if you consume an exorbitant amount of exogenous ketones, but that they are less prone to be converted to fat than other nutrients.

More tolerable than MCT oil: MCT oil has been known to cause gastrointestinal distress in users, especially when taken in higher amounts. Exogenous ketones in the form of ketone salts, in comparison, are generally well-tolerated. Thus they enable one to avoid adverse GI events while providing the body with similar types of benefits.3

Performance Goals

Athletic enhancement: Exogenous ketone supplementation has a promising outlook for enhancing athletic performance for a variety of reasons. Firstly, ingested ketone bodies induce an acute ketosis that lasts for several hours and mimics the physiology of starvation. Secondly, exogenous ketones present a way to elevate ketone levels without having depleted muscle glycogen stores (low muscle glycogen is well known to impair sustained physical performance).4 This being said, at this time there is little direct data that shows performance enhancements after ingesting exogenous ketones. The hypothetical premise behind their use is sound nevertheless.

Improved cognition: Elevated plasma ketone concentrations divert the brain to utilize ketone bodies for synthesis of phospholipids, which drives growth and myelination. Normally, glucose would be the preferred substrate, which is much less efficient.5
Health & Longevity

Anti-carcinogenic properties: Data seems to suggest that exogenous ketones are an effective anti-carcinogen. The reason behind this is that cancer cells are unable to use ketone bodies effectively, unlike most healthy tissues in the body. In fact, dietary ketone supplementation has been shown to increase survival rates of mice with systematic cancer by as much as 70%.6

Neuroprotection: As humans age, the brain becomes more susceptible to neurodegeneration and subsequent conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Exogenous ketone supplementation appears to ameliorate the typical decline in cognitive function that comes with aging. The likely mechanism for this neuroprotective property is that ketone bodies reduce the inflammation and hyperexcitability that is normally exhibited as glucose metabolism declines in the brain.7, 8

Anti-Inflammatory properties: There is evidence that ketone bodies play a crucial role in reducing inflammation by inhibiting a specific class of proteins called inflammasones.
Additional benefits

Migraine treatment

Neuro-protective benefits in seizure disorders; ADHD; Alzheimer ’s disease, memory and
        cognitive function; Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

Autism and improved behavior and social impacts

Mood stabilization in bipolar disorder (type II)

Stroke prevention; cardiovascular disease; metabolic syndrome management; improved
        cholesterol levels

Mechanisms: How Exogenous Ketones Work

Exogenous ketones have a variety of physiological effects shortly after ingestion:

For starters, ingesting ketones (especially ketone esters) is an efficient way to elevate BHB in the blood by upwards of 2 mMol for nearly 8 hours Ketone salts don’t appear to elevate BHB in the blood as efficiently (or significantly) as ketone esters do, though.

Exogenous ketone supplementation causes blood glucose to decrease significantly, likely due to the acute increase in insulin sensitivity. Therefore, exogenous ketones may present a potential therapy for type-2 diabetics via regulation of blood glucose.

Exogenous ketones also improve oxygen utilization, especially in the central nervous system (CNS).10 This effect decreases the likelihood of oxygen reaching potentially toxic levels in the CNS, which in turn has a number of other positive health ramifications

Possible Downsides To Ketone Supplementation
As with almost any nutritional supplement, side effects and downsides are possible after consuming exogenous ketones. That being said, they tend to be rather benign and will most likely improve as exogenous ketone supplementation becomes more prominent. The most common side effects to be aware of when using exogenous ketones include:

Electrolyte Imbalance – The physiological reasoning behind electrolytes becoming depleted during a state of ketosis is due to lack of water retention and frequent urination. When supplementing with exogenous ketones, the acute state of ketosis will likely increase the frequency of urination, but it won’t deplete glycogen stores. Therefore, it may be useful to drink an electrolyte solution like Isagenix Hydrate if you are urinating a lot after taking exogenous ketones, but it’s dependent upon how you feel.

Halitosis (bad breath) – If you’re on a ketogenic diet you are probably aware that as the body starts to metabolize fat, ketones can cause poor breath. There is very little one can do about this, it’s just the nature of the beast. Unfortunately, this can also arise when using exogenous ketones, but it’s not as lasting as when on a ketogenic diet. Chewing gum or mints is about the best option if it becomes a noticeable issue.

Possible GI distress (flatulence) at exceptionally high doses –  In the studies referenced in this article, exogenous ketones taken in large doses occasionally resulted in GI distress, especially flatulence. However, the cause of this is hypothesized to be due to the fact that ketones were mixed in a milky fluid that wasn’t very palatable. If you’re taking a nominal dose of exogenous ketones the likelihood of GI distress is rather low. Moreover, if some GI distress is prevalent, it should improve as you become accustomed to taking ketones.

Hypoglycemia: why not to be concerned – Taking exogenous ketones can drive blood glucose levels quite low, but you are not likely to feel the typical symptoms of hypoglycemia. This is because when ketone levels are high enough, they dominate as fuel in the brain; hence, you will feel just fine despite having low blood glucose.

Exogenous ketones certainly appear to have strong health and longevity properties at this point, especially for reducing the risk of cancer and possibly preventing/reversing type-2 diabetes.


Information to choose which ketones would be best for your needs  This is helpful in knowing which kind might be best for you.  However, I recommend trying all because I thought the Orange fit my issues,  but I seem to function better with the MAX. 
This is why the 5 Day Experience Pack is helpful to test them all out.


I have found these products to be extremely beneficial and something I honestly feel every single one of my clients could benefit from.   It is a perfect marriage with the teachings of Metabolic Effect, my Fat Loss Program, and Isagenix

My results were great! I lost weight, inches, was able to eat less naturally, helped with energy drops, and even reduced pain in body as I stopped taking turmeric.  I had a bumpy start due to sickness and it seemed to take a good week for my body to adjust to the ketones, but once my body adjusted, I did very well with all of them.   I tend to be more sensitive digestive wise than most so that isn't to say everyone will struggle with this, but it is possible your body will have to adjust.  I noticed a difference in how I felt the first day I went without them and now I am excited for my next shipment to come in.

The biggest side effect I had was having to pee a lot and sometimes gas.  I solved this by adding Amped Hydrate (electrolytes) along with my ketones.  But if you notice in my journal, I did not use Amped Hydrate everyday and in the second week was not having peeing issues.  So body may have just needed to adjust in that manner too.

The cost  to use them daily ranges from $4 to $15 a day depending on what type you choose, how much you use,  whether you buy in bulk, buy with discounts, use smartship, etc. There are no fees or requirments to order.   I am able eat a lot less using these, so that makes up for the cost of the food I would normally consume.  Please note, that even if I eat less, I still need to reach my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) for calories because when I didn't, my journal showed I overcompensated at night and became very hungry.   Combining this with Isagenix, if I were to do this and the 30 Day Cleansing  & Fat Burning System , it would cost between $15 - $35 a day again depending on what ketones  and how much you choose to take daily, how many shakes you choose to have daily.   This still will help save us on groceries and I am willing to pay even more if needed to be able to get my gut issues taken care of.

Click here if you would like me to send you a 5 Day Experience Pack to try out.

I will say 5 days was not enough for me to figure it all out so if you need to order an additional one you are welcome to that as well. 

At this site you can also click on each product to learn more about it individually, although the information here in this journal is thorough.

I think better than the sample packs is to simply go to this website and order a 20 pack or more supply of the one you think might be a better choice for you based on what you have read here. 
You could even split a 20 pack with a spouse or friend as it would be cheaper than to buy a bunch of sample packs. 

I am also happy to add you to our special forum on Facebook for even more information and support.  Just email me and ask to be added!

I hope all of you will give this a try as I really feel strongly it will be a huge help to so many different types of people.  I hope this journal and information has been insightful!



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5 Day Sample Packs
5 Day Sample Packs
5 Day Sample Packs
How to use the 5 Day Experience Pack
How to use the 5 Day Experience Pack