These are inspirational devotions, testimonies, radio broadcasts and free
challenges and workouts by Krista Johnson.

Motivation is EARNED

Change The Attitude

How To Build & Protect Your Faith

Why Your Workouts May Be Making You Fat

Change The Mind

5 Keys to Finding Your Fat Loss Formula

5 Keys To Being Fit By Faith

Don't Let Your Circumstance Limit You

Change The Will

Is Negative a Bad Thing?

Numbers Do Not Define You

Assembly Required

Why You May Be Stuck On Your Journey

Resolution or Commitment?

Letting Go

No Starting or Stopping

Don't Focus On The Destination

Fueling Your Faith

All These Women Weigh 154lbs

Train & Eat on Saturday Like It's Your Monday!

Discovering You Through The Challenge

Perfect is the Enemy of Progress

Fit Your Own Mold!

You Set The Limits!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Why Diets Backfire

What Does Your Church Look Like?

The Power of The Tongue

What It Means To Be Focused

How To Conquer Your Mouth

As A Man Thinks In His Heart, So Is He

Drawing Strength From Inside

Finding Confidence

Getting In Shape = Getting Closer to God

The God Kind of Faith

The Mirror

The Scorpion Sting

Seeing Adversity The Right Way

Is God Your Food?

Wait on the Lord, wait, wait wait.....

Strong Woman or Woman of Strength?

Strength To Conquer

What Are Limits?

Kill The Flesh Before It Kills You!

Approval Addiction

Do Anything You Put Your Mind To


Battle of the Mind

Be Still & Trust

Detoxing the Mind


How Many Boxes Are You Operating In?

Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

Self Pity

Whatever We Focus on, We Become

How To Calculate Body Fat

What is your Body Type?

How Cortisol Effects Belly Fat

How To Choose The Right Running Shoe

How to Repair Abdominal Seperation

My Neck Hurts When I Do Core Exercises

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