Is Negative A Bad Thing?

This was a question Billy Blanks asked us at a recent Tae Bo Camp. Most people said YES. But Billy said he didn't think it was a bad thing. Think about a car battery, you cannot push the positive without the negative.

I think about some of the most heart breaking things that have happened in my life, so negative and awful I wondered how on earth anything good could possibly come of it. But God takes the negative and makes it good. He takes those experiences and uses them to create positive experiences. So many blessings in my life would have never happened had I not had the negative. For example, had I not been overweight and out of shape before I became in shape, I would have never had the knowledge and understanding of how that feels to be able to connect and help others. Nothing speaks louder than experience. Just knowing someone has been there opens others hearts.

Now something else that is interesting is it doesn't work in reverse.
You can't push a negative with a positive! Spiritual food to chomp
on today.

If you are going through an extremely hard time, although it is tough
to see during the storm, know that in some way, some how,
God can turn it into good if you allow Him to.

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