Perfection is the Enemy of Progress

Striving for perfection will set you up to fail every time. Why? Because we simply cannot be perfect. So when we think we can be perfect and strive for perfectionism not only do we set ourselves up to fail, but we set up all those around us to fail as well.

And all or nothing mindset will keep you in a place similar to a dog endlessly chasing his tail in circles. You will not progress, you will live in self defeat and take everyone down with you.

Instead, strive to be better. Strive to do your very best in all you do and improve daily. Embrace every victory no matter how small and learn from your choices that do not go well for you. Those not so good choices actually are setting you up for success.

Success is just a pile of failure you are standing on top of instead of underneath--- Dave Ramsey.

Once you conquer perfectionism, you can climb out from underneath the pile of failure, stand on top of it, finally progress in your success and take everyone with you!

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