Why Your Workouts Might Be Making You Fat
If your workout is causing you to overeat and triggering insane cravings, then you know it isn't working for you.

Sometimes we even feel like if we do extreme hardcore or long steady paced cardio workouts, we can simply eat what we want and it will burn off.

Almost like a reward or we think it will all even out. Trust me, I have done all these things and that is not how our biochemistry works!

There is a difference between activity and productivity and knowing the difference is critical to the fat loss lifestyle. Activity is about DOING while productivity is about LEARNING.

People wrongly assume activity is what delivers results and therefore they think if they work harder they will get the result they are after.

This is the great trap of the weight loss game.

Moving faster and harder with purpose in the wrong direction simply moves you away from your goal at a quicker pace.

It is productivity you want, not more activity. Productivity is different because the focus is not on how hard you are working but how smart you are working.

With activity progress is measured by quantity........how far did I run, how many calories did I burn, how many hours did I put in, how many days have I been dieting.

Productivity is about quality and there are only two questions to ask

1) What did I learn

2) How will my behavior change as a result.

Focusing on productivity not only changes the focus from quantity to quality (a work smarter not harder approach), but also individualizes the game since we all have different lessons and struggles unique to us.

The world or weight loss & "dieting" is about activity and number. The fat loss lifestyle is about productivity and learning.

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