Our Fitness Gym contains Quantum weight and cardio machines as well as other equipment.     CLICK FOR GYM PICTURES

We currently have:

Quantum Seated Sit-Up Machine
Quantum Standing Leg Curl
Quantum Bench Press/Shoulder Press
Quantum Multi-positional Cable Machine
Quantum Standing Leg Press
Quantum Standing Squat Machine
Quantum Rear Delt/Pec fly Machine
Quantum Lat Pull down and Seated Row Machine
Quantum Total Glut Shaper
Weighed Ab Crunch Machine
Bench with Olympic style bar and over 400lbs in plates
EZ Curl bar
(2) Two Vision R-2000 Recumbent Bikes
(1) Upright Bike
(2)Vision T-9200 Treadmill
(1)NE 2000 Nautilus Elliptical
(1)Water Rower Machine (with real water!)
Inversion Table
Gold's Gym Dip/Pull Up Station
Rubberize Coated Dumbbells
Medicine Balls (3lbs to 12lbs)
BOSU Balance Trainers
Push Up Bars
Agility Ladder & Cones
Weighted Resistance Bands
Stability Balls
Stability Balls with Resistance Bands attached