Tae Bo at Fit By Faith!

Clips from our past classes and camps!  Enjoy and get inspired!  TURN UP THE SOUND! 
Tae Bo® Fitness:

Get ready for high energy and  fun workout designed to give you a total body workout.  All instructors are certified by the creator of Tae Bo®, Billy Blanks® & must be black belts in the martial art of Tae Bo® Kwon. 

Classes are designed for any level of fitness from beginner to advanced.  Tae Bo® teaches a person how to communicate with their body. It teaches how the mind should operate with the spirit, in which God has blessed us. By the mind working with the spirit one can learn how the body mechanics operate.

Tae Bo® Fitness is a program that combines the best of a variety of different exercise disciplines to provide an overall workout. It is the combination of self-awareness and control of martial arts, the focus and strength of boxing, and the grace and rhythm of dance.

We now offer speciality Tae Bo® classes!  If you don't see them on the schedule, then be sure to contact us about holding them privately or semi-privately for you!  We are also able to run camps to certify you to be a Tae Bo® Instructor!   Contact us for more information or go to www.taebo.com