Change The Will
So many times, we use products to control our will for us.  People tell you how this product or that exercise can change you, but nobody ever tells you that you have the power to change yourself, that you are the one who can take control of your will.

Our will doesn’t come with power, we have to give it the power by building, stretching, disciplining it and filling it with the Word of God.   It is a spiritual muscle that must be conditioned which is why we have temptation.  Enduring temptation is to be able to go through trials without giving up and for each temptation you overcome, your will becomes stronger.

So many times God prompts us to do something good and immediately, the devil attacks and tries to talk us out of it.  For example, the day after I committed to good health, I was given 3 different birthday parties and there was a bake sale at church!   I had never been hit with so much temptation at one time!  It seems so many times we are better at resisting God’s temptations for us to do good than to resist the devil’s temptations to do bad.

In tempting situations, what I like to do, is talk it out in my head.  I say, “Krista, you are going to be selfish if you choose to give up and go on an eating binge.  You are going to hurt yourself and your family by making this choice to please your flesh instead of God.  Is this 5 minutes of pleasure worth weakening your relationship with God and setting a bad example for your family? 

We have to fill ourselves with the Holy Spirit because when you are full of the Spirit, you can drive that tempting spirit out of your house before it attaches itself to you.

We can’t let the world control our will for us.  We have to make changes to our lives that we can live with for the rest of our lives.  Can you live the rest of your life taking appetite suppressants, fat blockers and prescription diet pills?  Can you live the rest of your life eating such a low amount of carbs that your body goes into ketosis and eventually harms you?  No you can’t.  Those are temporary fixes and not only will the loss be temporary when you stop using these diet aids, but you will most likely suffer negative side effects and you will have not produced in yourself the fruit of self-control and therefore, you will fail, because with MAN this is impossible, but with God all things are possible!

People think using these products will give you a boost, but there is no quick way to do this.  You cannot physically lose more than 2lbs of fat a week so if you lose more than that, then you will have lost lean muscle which is what we need to burn more calories and to have a lean toned look to our bodies.  Anything more than 2lbs a week of loss is most likely water and lean muscle.

We cannot go into this with only our eyes, we have to build in us a will so strong, that no matter what our eyes see, no matter what others say, we will continue to press on because we know, that we know that we know that changes are happening inside of us.  In our weight loss journey; when things feel as though they are not moving fast enough, or we are not seeing results yet; keeping that focus of demonstrating who we are, will keep us on track. We are not here to quit – we are not quitters.

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